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Diveheart Adaptive Scuba Instructor (BUD03)

This course is for certified scuba instructors, from any recognized recreational agency, who want to learn how to teach Diveheart courses. Upon earning this certification, Diveheart Adaptive Scuba Instructors will have the ability to teach and certify Diveheart Adaptive Divers, Adaptive Dive Buddies, and Advanced Adaptive Dive Buddies.

Instructor candidates must have their own copy of both the Diveheart Adaptive Scuba Instructor/Dive Buddy Manual and the Diveheart Adaptive Diver Manual, either in softcover or in electronic versions(Can be purchased via Amazon).

– Minimum of 18 years old
– Diveheart Advanced Adaptive Dive Buddy certification, which can be taken at the same time as this course
– Minimum certification of an active, teaching status instructor with a recognized recreational agency
– Have current professional Liability Insurance
– Been teaching scuba courses, or diving, or taken a refresher course in the past two years
– Have current CPR/First Aid/AED training (must be good through the entire course) OR be certified and in teaching status as an instructor for these certifications
– Comfortable performing all of Diveheart’s Buddy Tune-Up Skills PRIOR to attending the practical portion of the course
– RECOMMENDED that candidate has a Full Face Mask Certification or Specialty Instructor Certification
*Pre-requisite to Certification: 30 experiences working with adaptive divers underwater, a minimum of 15 having taken place in open water environments. If candidate already earned a Diveheart Advanced Adaptive Dive Buddy certification, this pre-requisite has been met.

Please Note: If you are already a Diveheart Certified Adaptive Dive Buddy and would like to take this eLearning course to upgrade your certification level, please email training@diveheart.org before registering for your next eLearning course to find out if you qualify for an upgrade coupon!
  • Training Program Overview
  • Training Program Overview
  • Training Program Overview
  • Quiz: Training Program Overview
  • General Standards
  • General Standards
  • Quiz: General Standards
  • Understanding Disabilities
  • Understanding Disabilities
  • Quiz: Understanding Disabilities
  • Needed Scuba Assistance (NSA) Evaluation
  • Needed Scuba Assistance Evaluation
  • Quiz: Needed Scuba Assistance Evaluation
  • Adaptive Dive Team (ADT)
  • Adaptive Dive Team
  • Quiz: Adaptive Dive Team
  • Scuba Skills
  • Scuba Skills
  • Scuba Skills
  • Quiz: Scuba Skills
  • Assembly & Disassembly
  • Equipment Inspection
  • Quiz: Equipment Assembly and Disassembly
  • Donning and Removing Scuba Gear
  • Entries and Exits
  • Quiz: Entries and Exits
  • Proper weighting
  • Quiz: Proper Weighting
  • Weight Removal
  • Mouthpiece Clearing
  • Quiz: Mouthpiece Clearing
  • Underwater Swimming
  • Underwater Navigation
  • Quiz: Underwater Swimming & Navigation
  • Mask Clearing
  • Quiz: Mask Clearing
  • Regulator Recovery
  • Quiz: Regulator Recovery
  • Problem Management
  • Quiz: Problem Management
  • Key Scuba Skills
  • Buoyancy Control
  • Descents and Ascents
  • Equalization
  • Out of Air Emergencies
  • Quiz: Key Scuba Skills
  • Adaptive Equipment
  • Adaptive Equipment
  • Quiz: Adaptive Equipment
  • Adaptive Dive Buddy (ADB)
  • Adaptive Dive Buddy
  • Quiz: Adaptive Dive Buddy (ADB)
  • Advanced Adaptive Dive Buddy (AADB)
  • Advanced Adaptive Dive Buddy
  • Quiz: Advanced Adaptive Dive Buddy (AADB)
  • Using a Full Face Mask
  • Using a Full Face Mask
  • Diveheart Certifications
  • Adaptive Diver Certifications
  • Quiz: Diveheart Certifications
  • Top Side Procedures
  • Top Side Procedures
  • Transfers
  • Transfers
  • Skill Videos
  • Amputee Skills
  • Paraplegic Skills
  • Quadriplegic Skills
  • Visually Impaired Skills
  • Challenge Skills
  • Challenge Skills Description
  • Challenge Skills - Visually Impaired
  • Challenge Skills- Para
  • Challenge Skills - Quad & FFM
  • Final Exam: Adaptive Scuba Instructor
  • Final Exam: Adaptive Scuba Instructor
  • Diveheart Professional Code of Ethics and Conduct
  • Diveheart Professional Code of Ethics and Conduct
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever